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SAN CARLOS CITY. Screening of candidates who want to vie for the title Miss San Carlos City 2013 will be on Feb. 16, 2013, 1 P.M. at the Ci...

SAN CARLOS CITY. Screening of candidates who want to vie for the title Miss San Carlos City 2013 will be on Feb. 16, 2013, 1 P.M. at the City Bulwagan.

Bring casual wear, 3 inches high heeled shoes, 2 piece- type swimsuit. Strictly apply light make-up only. Submit a photocopy of your birth certificate and your parents’. Candidates below 18 years old must secure a waiver by their parents and guardians. All candidates are to abide by the rules of the pageant committee. A candidate will be made to sign an attestation on the veracity of her documents. Any falsification is ground for rejection of her application, or termination of reign and privileges. The pageant committee will check on the veracity of information given by applicant.

A candidate must be single, never been pregnant, in good health, with good moral character. She or parent/parents are from San Carlos City but not necessarily residing thereat. She must be at least 15 years old but not more than 21 years of age at the time of the pageant on April 13. Talent night will be on April 6. Coronation of selected Queen with her court will be on April 27, the grand ball of the mango-bamboo festival.

Search for Miss San Carlos City is a beauty contest. Candidates will be judged on 4 categories: 1.) mango-bamboo costume; 2.) swimsuit; 3.) gown; 4.) question and answer for the top five from whom will be selected the queen and her court. Each candidate will receive Php 2,000.00 financial assistance. Decision of the board of judges will be final.

On the day of the pageant, major title holders will receive sash, trophy, bouquet and cash. Miss San Carlos City (Php 20,000.00); 1st runner-up (Php 15,000.00); 2nd runner-up (Php 10,000.00); 3rd runner-up Php 7,000.00); 4th runner-up (Php 5,000.00). They will be judged on beauty of face (40%); beauty of figure (20%); poise (10%); intelligence (30%). Fifteen semi-finalists will be judged on facial beauty ( 50 %), beauty of figure ( 30 %), poise ( 20%).

Minor title winners will receive sash, bouquet, cash. Miss Talent (Php 4,000.00); Miss Friendship (Php 2,000.00); Miss Photogenic (Php2,000.00); Best in Gown (Php 2,000.00); Best in Swimsuit (Php 2,000.00)

Miss Friendship will be chosen by candidates thru voting. Miss Photogenic will be chosen by the official photographer. Recipients of special awards will be chosen by the sponsors of the award. Miss talent will be chosen on creativity and originality (40%), showmanship (execution, mastery, over-all impact) 40%, entertainment value (20%). Best in Mango-Bamboo costume will be judged on originality, (40%), creativity (40%); projection, execution, poise (20%). Best in gown will be judged on bearing and carriage (40%); beauty of face and figure (40%); projection, execution, poise (20%).

Best in swimsuit will be based on beauty of figure (40%), beauty of face (30%), projection, execution, poise (30%). For particulars, contact General Services Officer Lourdes Pinto 955-5427.(CIO)


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